In the last few months of 2017, I worked with Ford and Imagination on their ‘Go Faster’ project, showcasing the Ford Focus RS and Mustang GT. The project was first held in London before expanding to Paris and Madrid.
Based on-site in a mobile editing suite, working with Imagination to create videos captured live for the patrons of the experience that would be delivered to them within 24 hours. The immersive experience allowed the public to see what it was like to be a stunt-driver for a day, from being shouted at by an actor playing a producer to drifting a Ford Mustang with Paul Swift’s team of stunt drivers before being filmed for a lap of the track and having a trailer created featuring them.
Six cameras beamed live video from the cars, track and studio to our mobile edit suite where we added the personal footage to create a unique trailer for every ‘stunt driver’, which was autonomously uploaded to Youtube, sometimes before the patron had left the site. The experience was a huge success across the three cities and operated like a well oiled machine working with the other teams at Imagination running the show and Digital Solutions implementing the system connecting the cameras to the edit suite.
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